Ski race -  Antarctica 2010



The third expedition of the season 2010-2011 was made to assist a ski race to the South Pole, similar to the project Arctic Trucks people and vehicles supported during the filming of BBC‘s „on thin ice“.   This expedition took place from December 10th to January 10th. 

For this expedition, two new AT44 6x6 made their maiden trip to the South Pole along with two new AT44‘s.  Additionally  two of the 2008 vehicles were used to support and film the ski teams for the first 150km from Novo up to the high plateau where an airplane picked them up and flew them to 320 km from the South Pole where the actual race started. 

From Arctic Trucks, Gisli Jonsson and Aron Reynisson went as expert driver/mechanics and Guðmundur Guðjonsson as driver/paramedic.  A film crew from the German ZDF and Austrian ORF will join along with crew from the organizers of this race Extreme World Races.



December 10th 2010 - January 10th 2011


Novo - South Pole - Novo  - 4600 km back and forth

 Participants  Gísli Jónsson, Aron Reynisson, Guðmundur Guðjónsson from Arctic Trucks .
Felicity Aston and Anthony John Martin, David Martin and Johnny Underwood from Extreme World Races.



JAN 07
The last expedition of this season arrived safely to the Novo air base yesterday and they thereby finished their journey of driving close to 6000 kilometres in one of the most difficult environment you can possibly find.

JAN 05
Their current position is 74° and they have been driving since 09:00 this morning. They still have a 70 kilometres to go before they get to the trailer that was left behind on the first expedition this year.

JAN 04
Their current position is 78°. They drove 600 km from the fuel depot at 83° where they had their last camped. They had some fuel placed on the 78° which they left there on their way to the South Pole. Yesterday evening they put up a camp there and filled up the cars. The temperature that was minus 45° C and since the wind was substantial the actual temperature was at least minus 50°.

JAN 02
We are finally getting some news from our group since the 29th of December. There have been some difficulties with communication through the satellite phones. The group departed later from the South Pole than was planned according the earlier news.

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This expedition is organized by Extreme World Races.  



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