Kazakhstan National Geographic Society -  Antarctica 2010



The second expedition of this season was for the Kazakhstan National Geographic Society It took place December 2nd to December 20th. 

This expedition used one of the AT44 from 2008 and one AT44 specially built for the Kazakhstan group.  

Only one person from Arctic Trucks participated in this expedition, Hlynur Sigurðsson, together with one person from ALCI and two people from Kazakhstan



December 2nd - 20th 2010


Novo - South Pole  - ca. 6000 km back and forth


Hlynur Sigurðsson from Arctic Trucks
Andrey Myller  from ALCI airbase.
Konstantin Orlov  and Stanislav Makarenko from KNGS.


DEC 14
The KNGS team arrived to Novo around noontime on Tuesday December 14th. They have rested and are now working hard to put away the expedition gear and spare parts.

DEC 13
The KNGS expedition just met with the Gísli and Gudmundur that are in first team of that is supporting the ski race. Now they have got 340 km to go before they arrive in Novo. Their intention was to put up a tent and rest close to 77°. They have now decided to drive all the way to Novo without a rest.

DEC 10
The KNGS group departed from the South Pole later than expected. Their first plan was to leave the South Pole at midnight last Thursday but they decided to spend some more time there, taking pictures and preparing the cars for the drive back. They had a good night sleep and at 5 o’clock on December 10th they started their journey back.

DEC 10
At midnight GMT on December 8th the second expedition of this year reached the South Pole. Everything worked fantastically and they managed to drive the 2300 kilometres from Novo to the South Pole in a record breaking time of only 4,5 days!

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