NCAOR expedition Antarctica 2010



The first expedition of this season was for the Indian National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR).  They started off November 10th 2010.  Four Arctic Trucks vehicles drove from ALCI airbase to the South Pole.  All the vehicles were AT44, three of them were from 2008 but one of them was built for this expeditions, also a AT44 but with number of  upgrades that Arctic Trucks made for the NCAOR. 


The primary object of this project was to make number of scientific research and the secondary object was to identify a location, in the vicinity of South Pole, for a fuel drop, gather the fuel drums and make the area tidy.  From Arctic Trucks there were highly experienced drivers/mechanics Freyr Jonsson and Eyjolfur Teitsson. The third person, Gísli Karel Elísson, joined them at the fuel drop and continued from there. One person from the ALCI airbase took part, and 8 people from the Indian scientific station MATRI. 


This project was very challenging since this was the first track of the season and they experienced temperatures well below -50 celcius.



November 10th - December 5th 2010


Novo - South Pole - Novo  - 4600 km back and forth

 Participants       Freyr Jónsson, Eyjólfur Teitsson and Gísli Karel Elísson from Arctic Trucks.
Andrey Myller  from ALCI airbase.
Rasik Ravindra, Ajay Dhar, M. Javed Beg, Thamban Meloth, Pradip Malhotra, Ashit Swain, Krishnamoorty, Surat Singh from the Indian scientific station MATRI.


JAN 17
It was a proud moment for the eight member Indian team that returned to India in Mid December, after hoisting the National flag at South Pole, when H’ble Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh congratulated them for their efforts in braving cold injuries, harsh climate and difficult terrain conditions to reach the South Pole.

DEC 05
Eyjólfur and Freyr are now on the way back home to Iceland. Before the flight left Novo they sent us a few photos which you can see here. We will show you more photos as soon as we can.

DEC 03
The Arctic Trucks workshop in Antarctica has been in full action for the last few days! The weather has been great and we have been able to work outside a lot.

DEC 01
At 3:30 last night the NCAOR expedition made it back to Novo! They drove the last 370 kilometres almost without any rest. This part of the journey started in 3100 meters altitude and -45 degrees and ended 12 hours later in Novo which is close to the sea and the temperature is only around -10 degrees.

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